Take the lead with
superhuman A.I.

Analyzing Big Data with self-learning Artificial Intelligence.

We analyze big data in seconds, faster than any other, with unsurpassed intelligence.

We understand all languages, dialects, misspellings, irony, jargon, double-meanings and emoticons.

We provide you with an accuracy rate higher than 92%.

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Anzyz is an Artificial Intelligence company, which uniquely integrates supervised, unsupervised and manual rule based learning through a text analytical algorithm, called CCL (Corpus Cube Linguistics). CCL is self-learning and enables interpretation and understanding of the contextual meaning in Big Data.

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CCL can analyze millions of data containing millions of answers. Our technology is not a search engine, but a knowledge base, which is self-learning and does not require any language packages or word banks. By studying the data, our system will be able to understand words and expressions, dialects and misspellings, any jargon, irony or emoticon, in all languages and alphabets.

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The accuracy of the Anzyz system is consistently above 92%.
This percentage speaks to the reliability of our product. Together with the human mind, the computer intelligence of CCL gives you insight into a brand new world of infinite knowledge.

Lead the way with superhuman Artificial Intelligence.

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Learn more about how our technology works!

An example of our technology used in Healthcare

A patient needs urgent surgery. Looking up potential allergies in the patient's medical record takes up much valuable time.

We provide a tool to help medical personnel find potential allergies in the patient's medical record within seconds.

What previously took hours, now only takes seconds!

Save valuable time, make better clinical decisions, increase safety and improve quality of care!

An example of our technology used in Retail

A customer is about to stop doing business with your company.

We provide a tool to help your company detect this customer early and prevent them from leaving.

We analyze all customer feedback, create forecasting models and management support.

Improve customer feedback, prevent customer churn, strengthen customer engagements and better productivity!

An example of our technology used in Security

How can we detect and prevent human-induced hazards? How can we enhance societal security and protection?

We provide sophisticated detection and warnings, by using our text mining and sentiment analysis engine CCL.

We transform data into intelligence, irrespective of language, with real-time observations and future predictions.

Enhance societal security and protection!


Developing the next generation of chatbots!

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Ole-Christoffer Granmo interviewed about terrorism and A.I. (in Norwegian)

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NRK interview about the A.I. technology of Anzyz.

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Anzyz co-founder Ole-Christoffer Granmo interviewed on Norwegian national news!

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50 million NOK in research grants to businesses in the Sørlandet-region in Norway.

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Anzyz meets with the Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services, Bent Høie!

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Anzyz among the recipients of 16 million NOK in funding from The Research Council of Norway!

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Article about Anzyz from digi.no (in Norwegian)

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The Norwegian Minister of Health and Care Services mentions Anzyz in his annual speech!

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Innovation Prize! (in Norwegian)

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Anzyz technology on display as Norwegian Minister of Modernisation visits Sørlandet Hospital (in Norwegian)

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Anzyz featured in NRK News (in Norwegian )

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