What we do

Anzyz provides you with a tool to find the answer you are looking for, hidden among millions of unstructured data. Our technology is not a search engine, but an AI-base, which is self-learning and does not require any language packages or word banks.

By analyzing data, such as structured and unstructured documents, chats and emails, customer feedback, scientific research articles, electronic patient records and social media-channels, to name a few, CCL (Corpus Cube Linguistics) can automatically derive valuable insights and help you find what you are looking for.

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Anzyz provides a way to understand the past, know the present and predict the future in a customer lifecycle. By analyzing customer interaction in different channels of communication (emails, market surveys, social media, etc.), Anzyz can offer your company real-time customer feedback. Anzyz will thereby provide the tools needed in order to maintain customer relations, improve customer service, and predict and avoid customer churn. This will ultimately result in increased customer satisfaction and higher productivity.


Imagine a tool that can read all legal documents, all court cases and verdicts from legal rulings on both a national and an international level. Imagine the amount of crucial information such a tool would offer your company and the immense possibilities it would generate. With the technology provided by Anzyz, this is no longer simply wishful thinking; it’s possible! 


CCL represents a valuable technology in detecting and
fighting threats and hazards. In many cases, with the advent of social media, detecting human-induced hazards is possible prior to events, due to perpetrators publishing tweets, messages or other types of communications mentioning intent. 

Various sensor technologies would add to monitoring capability. News about natural disasters spread across social media faster than the disaster itself, e.g. tsunami warnings, hence many warning systems are set to trigger alerts directly on multiple social media platforms. Through the technology of Anzyz, security hazards and risks could be confronted. By detecting and understanding developments, observing real-time and future predicts, we aim to enhance societal security and protection. 


Through the application of our technology within the healthcare industry, Anzyz is able to uncover new perspectives within medical research and treatment, ultimately resulting in new discoveries and improved quality of care. The Anzyz-platform creates opportunities to apply CCL for purposes of biomedical discovery. The ability to cross-reference knowledge across public and private information resources based on structured and/or unstructured text, will augment success of for example: patient selection/recruitment for clinical trials.    

Due to variations in genetic make-up, environmental exposures and socio-economic status, the way people experience disease and respond to treatment widely differs. Recognizing this has led to an increased demand for innovation in precision medicine, in order to cost effectively offer patients the right treatment at the right time.  An important step towards achieving this, is the comprehensive and timely processing and interrelation of information resources.

These information resources encompass everything from scientific reports, patent and drug registries, socioeconomic and demographic information in population health registries, through to patient electronic health records and notes. In the case of these resources, written natural language in the form of unstructured text is the most prevalent form of recorded knowledge.

Most commonly, natural language processing is used to retrieve information, however, in order to achieve a conceptual understanding of the information sources, natural language machine learning Artificial Intelligence is required. Anzyz CCL recognizes patterns and attributes contextual meaning to vocabularies, interpreting nuances in words, jargon, misspellings and symbols.

With Anzyz, the future of healthcare is now.

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