Predict and avoid customer churn.

Analyze your customer data in seconds

Anzyz provides easy access and structured overviews of your company´s data in real-time. We help you understand the past, present and future- all in one dashboard. With AnzyzCHURN you are able to utilize your data, solve challenges and grow your business.

Understand customer feedback

Ensure quality of service.

Prevent customer churn.

AnzyzCHURN can analyze data in any language. Due to a self-learning algorithm, which requires no manual tagging, the system is very fast. It can be used on both big data and small data, irrespective of format.

Anzyz will not only help you save time and money, we will also help you uncover and extract true value from your data.

Exploring ways to reduce customer churn can be a major headache for many companies. Very often it is difficult to pin point exactly what it is that make customers leave. What if you could understand your customers in real-time? What if you could experience your company from the customer´s point of view? With AnzyzCHURN you´ll know what your product and marketing strategies should look like, and how to individually tailor your customer service, so that you have the best tools possible to prevent customers from leaving your company.

Anzyz CHURN – track customer feedback in real-time to prevent churn.


Save lives, time and cost in healthcare. Analyze valuable data from patient journals in seconds.

With AnzyzHEALTH you can increase patient safety, while freeing up valuable time for healthcare personnel. Optimize your work-flow and save resources with AnzyzHEALTH.

The healthcare sector is strained under continuous pressure to assure and improve quality of care with limited resources. Healthcare personnel oftentimes experience massive time-pressure. What if you could save valuable time, while also increasing efficiency and reducing cost? AnzyzHEALTH provides healthcare personnel with tools to ensure the best quality of care for their patients.

Together with Sørlandet Hospital, Anzyz has developed a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) for identifying and classifying allergies of concern for anesthesia during surgery. The system is used every day at the hospital, and has increased patient safety and reduced the amount of time healthcare personnel spend manually reading through electronic patient journals.

Anzyz HEALTH – increases patient safety and enables healthcare personnel focus on the things that really matter.


Decrease costly production failures in your operation

With Anzyz INDUSTRY you can identify potential risk to the productivity of your company and ensure the safety of your production. This will contribute to increased revenue and reduced costs. Optimize your business intelligence with Anzyz INDUSTRY.

There are still huge amounts of uncovered data in systems used in the energy sector today. However, the supply of qualified NLP-technologies have been lacking. The self-learning algorithm of Anzyz is highly compatible with data consisting of unstructured, natural language. The semantic approach, which builds on probabilistic networks to uncover associated networks and patterns, is language neutral and requires few resources. Anzyz has been used to identify and classify different equipment in the energy sector, to determine whether or not these pose a safety risk. Furthermore, Anzyz has classified and analyzed service log data, in order to better stream-line work-flow and to increase productivity.

Anzyz INDUSTRY – get the insight you need to optimise productivity and ensure safety.



Anzyz co-founder, Ole-Christoffer Granmo, and House of CAIR are placing Norway on the map with a brand new deep learning supercomputer!