Law firms are faced with large amounts of data in any given dispute. There is a need to automate workflows to enable an efficient document review process. Artificial Intelligence in general, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in particular, can help lawyers not only find key information quickly, but also bring relief to mundane and menial work that previously filled up lawyers’ days.

The Case

In an international corruption case, a major law firm had to review 17,000+ emails, including attachments, to single out important correspondence between key stakeholders. The emails consisted of multiple languages, adding further challenges to meet already tight deadlines.


The Anzyz CCL™ algorithm was trained on the dataset to enable an accurate contextual understanding. Further, with the AnzyzLegal dashboard, the lawyers could build their own custom-made concepts from scratch using multiple target-terms in combination with related words put forward by the AI engine allowing the user to immediately start querying the system to find the most relevant emails.


In summary, the lawyers could quickly get to the key emails needed for the case. They did so in a matter of hours once the system was set up and the dashboard made available to them. The information retrieved was accurate and could be used to conclude the review. Finally, the system proved equally good at understanding the context of various written languages as part of the same dataset.