We make State-of-the-Art Text Analytics

Anzyz Technologies is an Artificial Intelligence company based in Grimstad, Norway. Our AI driven Text Analytics enables organizations, cross-industry, to rapidly gain valuable insight from their unstructured text. Our solution is 100% self-learning, with no manual tagging of data involved, and provides for a best-in-class understanding of the contextual meaning in Big Data. The technology stems from innovations led by Anzyz' Co-Founder and Director of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR) at the University of Agder, Professor Ole-Christoffer Granmo.

Our AI thrives on unstructured raw data

Our solution makes unstructured data searchable and classified. By leveraging our self-learning AI technology organizations can quickly generate new insights, create value and ultimately make way for smarter and better decisions.

Extract insights in any written language

Anzyz’ solution has a unique ability to interpret and understand the contextual meaning in any written natural language without the need to train on large tagged text collections. The result is superior speed and precision, applicable in a broad range of use cases.

Visualize your insights in fast and clean-cut applications

Our intuitive and easy-to-use products drastically simplify the process of analyzing data. Automate workflows, analyze data and extract key information with our off-the-shelf applications, or talk to us about your custom project. Get in touch!

Spend less time searching for data data data data

Access and analyze all relevant data in one AI base

Use Cases

Medical coding automation by using cutting-edge AI techniques

For a major European healthcare provider, Anzyz participated in a proof-of-value to automate medical code assignment for reimbursement purposes.

AI in law: Business email correspondence review

In ainternational corruption case, a major law firm had to review 17,000+ emails, including attachments, to single out important correspondence between key stakeholders.

Applying AI to support statistical research of digitized Patient Health Records

Norwegian Health Archives Registry (NHAR) needed a tool to support statistical research of patient records, including both structured and unstructured textual data.

Our partners

We work with global industrial partners to explore and utilize the world’s exponentially growing sources of text-based information. Our best-in-class artificial intelligence solutions help organizations answer complex questions in real time with super-human precision.