The Norwegian Health Archives Registry (NHAR) is responsible for ensuring proper preservation and access to digitized Patient Health Records (PHR’s) provided by the norwegian health services. NHAR needed a tool to support statistical research based on the PHR’s, including both structured and unstructured textual data.


The goal was to validate the capabilities of Anzyz CCL™ to generate and present statistics based on a limited sample data-set of some 15,000 PHR’s. The development of statistical categories can give subject experts a far more accurate overview of the data and provide for new insights.


When the data had been pre-processed, Anzyz CCL™ was used to map patterns and connections in the text. This step in turn established an AI built knowledge base. Finally, a dashboard was used to access the knowledge base, by which NHAR subject experts could group data into categories for statistical purposes.


Anzyz CCL™ helped NHAR to systematize the digitized patient health records and compile relevant statistical categories with a high level of precision: up to 98% for the categories tested in the POC.

Customer Testimonial

“The AI technology Anzyz offers can help Norwegian Health Archives Registry to systematize the content and compile relevant statistical categories with a high level of precision.”

Bjørn Børresen, 

The Norwegian Health Archives Registry (NHAR)