The AnzyzLegal product provides domain experts with a tool to discover key information in unstructured text with precision and speed. The product streamlines the document review process in areas such as disputes, litigations, investigations and transactions.

Explore your data

Explore your case by searching for single words or phrases. The results are ranked according to relevance while highlights provide for quick identification of key elements. Label documents by importance and download directly from the data set.

Build concepts

The concept builder is a powerful tool for the user to easily target, in an interactive process, all documents, files and emails related to a specific concept. Build your own concepts from scratch without any technical expertise.


Create a timeline to visualize trends and occurrences and explore when a concept, or combination of concepts, appear in the data.

Access data

Quickly access all original documents, files and emails from your combined concept searches. Tag for relevance, filter, and share within your team.

The AnzyzHealth solution provides health care personell with a powerful tool to map patient information, in near real-time, against clinical categories to provide a fast and precise quality of care. There is significant potential for digitalizing healthcare services using AI.

The AnzyzWell application provides Drilling and Well Engineers with a powerful tool to quickly find key data and classify according to topics of interest. The tool will allow users to work more efficiently, increase productivity and gain detailed insights into historical Drilling and Well data.

AnzyzCI is an AI solution built to streamline the company's customer feedback process in order to increase sales and improve consumer offerings . Find out what customers are saying about your brand and analyze sentiments around specific topics. The solution is applicable in multiple industry verticals such as Telecom, Retail and Banking.