Anzyz’ powerful Text-Analytics complements Generative AI

Generative AI has grabbed a lot of attention for being good at understanding and creating text. But, just like with any tech, it’s important to take a close look at what they can and can’t do.


■ GenAI includes various content types beyond text, while Text-Analytics specifically deals with textual information.

■ GenAI focuses on creating new content, while Text-Analytics emphasizes extracting insights from existing text data.

■ GenAI can be applied to tasks like image generation or music composition, while Text-Analytics is tailored for tasks related to understanding and analyzing textual information.


GenAI get their text capabilities from being trained on vast datasets, which lets them generate human-like text by picking up on patterns. They’re great at understanding context, telling coherent stories, and answering questions based on what they’ve learned. However, there’s a challenge when it comes to searching for specific info, especially in unstructured datasets.

While GenAI excel at understanding and creating text, they aren’t naturally built to efficiently search for and find specific information. This can be a limitation when using GenAI for search-related tasks.

Anzyz’ solution overcomes this gap, built from the ground up on fundamentally different principles than existing NLP technologies, the solution is specifically designed to extract key information hidden deep inside diverse datasets.

By training the system on the user’s actual dataset, Anzyz’ system achieves best-in-class data retrieval accuracy, making it ideal as a document review and analytics tool for a wide range of professions such as lawyers,

investigators and researchers.

Hence, for professionals seeking to benefit AI to review and analyze textual documents such as emails, PDFs and Word documents, AnzyzLegal should be considered as part of their AI toolkit, as a complement to GenAI.

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