Lawyers hunting for the needle in the haystack with Norwegian AI.

“After the attention surrounding OpenAI and Chat-GPT, 2023 has truly marked the year in which artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant advances. This applies to individuals using AI in their daily lives and businesses dealing with large amounts of unstructured text in emails, Word, and PDF documents,” says Anzyz Technologies CEO, Kristian Hernes.

Understanding patterns and relationships in unstructured text is not new in AI. Norway, known for its strong research support environment, has played a significant role in supporting researchers like Prof. Ole-Christoffer Granmo, the co-founder of Anzyz Technologies. Granmo has devoted two decades to researching advanced algorithms for automated understanding of context in free text without the need for manual algorithm training.

Uncovering essential case information 

“Granmo’s text analysis system provides lawyers with access to a case-specific language model based on their unique data, regardless of file format or written language. It enables highly accurate searches in small and large datasets. With AnzyzLegal, lawyers can easily customize search concepts by combining keywords relevant to the case and quickly find critical information that would be very difficult to discover with traditional tools,” says Hernes.



AnzyzLegal processes data in a closed system, meeting strict security and GDPR requirements. This is crucial for lawyers to adopt AI, says Sales Manager Ole-Johan Meyer Melin.


Law firm Schjødt

In 2018, Schjødt and Anzyz began developing software to meet lawyers’ stringent requirements for transparent and accurate searches in sensitive documents. The capabilities of the ECA and eDiscovery tool AnzyzLegal are an integral part of Schjødt’s internal dialogue. – Leading Nordic law firms are actively working to implement the product.

“AI is here to stay, and law firms that take the challenge seriously will outperform companies that do not embrace AI,” concludes Hernes.

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