Nordic Legal Tech Day in Copenhagen DK

Wrapping up the Nordic Legal Tech day in CPH 🇩🇰 – as anticipated AI is everywhere this year.
When Ole-Christoffer Granmo founded Anzyz Technologies back in 2014 this was not the case…
At the time he had already been developing sophisticated text-analytics algorithms for more than a decade.
Only through his dedicated work, legal professionals are now able to leverage next-gen products such as AnzyzLegal (v2) to help unlock hidden patterns and relations during document reviews.
We are thankful for the many good conversations with legal professionals and industry colleagues. Please reach out to Ole-Johan Meyer Melin or Kristian Hernes if you are keen to explore any of the opportunities discussed.
Finally, a huge thanks to the organizers of the CPH Nordic Legal Tech day, very impressive execution, interesting panel debates and good turnup!
Can’t wait for the next Legal Tech Day in Oslo 🇳🇴 September 19th!

Sundara Rajan Subramoniam Asgeir Blakseth Joakim Bakke-Nielsen Steinar Nyrud

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