Legal reviews are becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming, requiring sophisticated tools and techniques to manage and analyze large and diverse datasets. This trend has been driven by the growth of cloud computing, which allows businesses and organizations to store vast amounts of data online. As a result, legal professionals are increasingly turning to technology solutions, such as e-discovery software, to help them manage the complexity and volume of data in modern legal cases. 

The antitrust case

The European Commission and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) demanded that the shipping company provided negative evidence of antitrust violations not being present in an extensive document collection. The case involved multiple jurisdictions as the company operated globally. Given the vast amounts of documents to review the company’s lawyers opted for technology to bring relief to the task. 


The lawyers uploaded all relevant information to Anzyzhybrid-AI. In only a few hours the custom-made language model was deployed and made available for the lawyers via the web-based application AnzyzLegal. The tool uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to identify concepts and themes in the search query and match them with relevant documents or information. The tool is designed in such way that lawyers can easily create case specific concepts to provide more accurate and relevant results by analyzing the meaning and context of the search query, rather than just matching specific keywords or phrases, or relying on generic pre-defined concepts. 


By utilizing AnzyzLegal the lawyers could successfully argue against the European Commission and the FTC – saving the lawyers and their client enormous amounts of time and cost. AnzyzLegal helped the lawyers to be consistent in their arguments across all jurisdictions. They were able to prove that the evidence claimed to be present, was in fact not present in the documents.