Legal Subject Matter Expert (SME)

If you are a passionate legal expert with a keen interest in technology, Anzyz invites you to join us on this exciting journey. Please contact us to learn more about this collaboration opportunity and how you can make a difference.

Note: This assignment, on average, will require a couple of days per month on a contractor basis. We are seeking someone with experience, potentially already employed full-time elsewhere, who has an interest and available hours to contribute to exciting and groundbreaking AI technology, such as AnzyzLegal.

Who is a good fit as a legal SME?

A legal SME should blend a solid legal foundation with a robust understanding or interest of how technology can optimize legal processes, ensuring compliance and effective communication between legal and technical teams.

What are the requirements to be a legal SME for Anzyz ?

1. Legal Knowledge and Experience
- A thorough understanding of legal principles, processes, and systems, potentially including expertise in specific legal domains like real estate, litigation, disputes, corporate law, intellectual property, or compliance.
-Practical experience in the legal industry of at least 3 years, which should be as a practising lawyer or teacher at a law school in Norway.

2. Technological Interest and Proficiency
- Familiarity or interest with a range of LegalTech tools and software, such as case management systems, e-discovery platforms, contract management systems, and advanced legal research tools.
- Insight or exposure into the impact of emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and data analytics on the legal sector.

3. Communication and Collaboration Skills
- Strong ability to communicate across disciplines, effectively bridging the gap between legal requirements and technological solutions.
- Proficiency or interest and openness to working collaboratively with diverse teams, such as software development teams, legal professionals and external technology vendors.

4. Regulatory and Compliance Knowledge
- Good knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment surrounding technology use in the legal field, especially concerning data privacy and security.

What will the SME do with Anzyz?


The legal SME play a pivotal role in ensuring that our AI-powered legal software solutions are accurately aligned with the nuances and complexities of the legal domain. Your contributions will include:

  • Explaining legal processes and domains: Share your in-depth knowledge of legal processes, terminology, and concepts to guide our AI development efforts.
  • Providing feedback on software prototypes: Evaluate and provide constructive feedback on software prototypes to refine their functionality and usability.
  • Identifying potential use cases: Suggest real-world scenarios where our AI-powered solutions can be applied to solve legal challenges.

Time Commitment

We value your time and expertise, and we are committed to minimizing the impact on your busy schedule. We anticipate that you would need to dedicate an average of 2-3 days per month to this collaboration. This time commitment can be flexible and tailored to your availability.

Benefits of Collaboration

Your participation in this endeavour will bring forth tangible rewards, including:

  • Satisfaction of shaping a product: Experience the satisfaction of contributing to the development of innovative AI-powered legal solutions that make a real impact.
  • Working with AI: Gain hands-on experience working with cutting-edge AI technology and explore its potential to transform the legal landscape.

Join Us in Revolutionising Legal Technology

Your contributions as a legal SME will be instrumental in shaping the future of legal technology. Together, we can revolutionise the way legal processes are handled, making legal services more accessible and efficient for all.

About Anzyz

Anzyz Technologies is a leading forward-thinking AI technology company specializing in providing cutting-edge legal tech solutions. We leverage advanced self-learning AI (NLP) and machine learning technologies to create innovative software that streamlines legal processes, enhances productivity, and improves outcomes for legal professionals. Our mission is to empower the legal industry with transformative tools that drive efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.