Lawyers are often working under considerable pressure when conducting legal research and preparing legal briefs to support their case. There may be a large volume of information to review, including contracts, correspondence, financial records, and other documents related to the dispute. There may be tight deadlines for conducting legal research and preparing legal briefs, which can be challenging for lawyers who are also dealing with other cases.  

The dispute case

A multinational manufacturing corporation filed a lawsuit against a global technology firm, for breach of contract. Given the volume and complexity of the documents involved, the lawyers faced significant challenges in identifying and reviewing the most relevant information for the case. They needed to work efficiently and effectively to ensure that they could build a strong legal argument and present their case in a compelling manner in front of the arbitrator. 


The lawyers uploaded all relevant information to Anzyzhybrid-AI. In only a few hours the custom-made language model was deployed and made available for the lawyers via the web-based application AnzyzLegal. The tool uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to identify concepts and themes in the search query and match them with relevant documents or information. It’s designed in such way that lawyers can easily create case specific concepts to provide more accurate and relevant results by analyzing the meaning and context of the search query, rather than just matching specific keywords or phrases, or relying on generic pre-defined concepts. 


In summary, Anzyz hybrid-AI system helps streamline the arbitration process, improve decision-making, and reduce the time and costs associated with resolving disputes. However, it is important to note that the system is not a substitute for human judgment and expertise in legal arbitration.