Adopting new AI technology in Law

We sat down with our Chief Commercial Officer Ole-Johan Meyer Melin to get some insights into his work with law firms in the Nordics.

We asked him to share some of the benefits and challenges for lawyers and partners when it comes to adopting new AI technology.

–  The benefits are many, NLP algorithms such as Anzyz CCL™ can be used to automatically identify and classify documents that are relevant to a particular case or issue. We clearly see how this will save lawyers and partners time and effort by reducing the need for manual review of documents and files.

Ole-Johan mentions some recent examples from his customers using the AnzyzLegal product when reviewing thousands of emails to extract important correspondence.

–  The Anzyz AI solution provides our customers with case-specific insights meaning they can instantly start querying the information. Data is tagged automatically, saving the end-user from significant work.

The feedback has been very positive in terms of accuracy, speed, and results as the lawyers perform their reviews.

–   This demonstrates how the Anzyz AI technology understands the context of unstructured data.

The challenge is obvious, we are introducing a new way of working, disrupting traditional behavior we associate with document review, however slowly but surely, we see how the customers are changing behavior. These tools can save time and money for the firm and its clients and can also be used to improve the quality of the work.

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