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Yet another contract signed today with a leading Norwegian law firm, says responsible for Legaldep. in Anzyz – Ole-Johan Meyer Melin.

Kristian Hernes, who has been in the executive chair in Anzyz Technologies for 6 months, says that the commercialization within Anzyz’ Legal vertical is going according to plan.

We are demoing our AnzyzLegal product together with several top Scandinavian law firms these days, and we expect more contracts to be signed during the coming weeks and months as we execute on our strategy.

By using AnzyzLegal, lawyers and partners get a very good overview of the current case and its framework. 

Efficient AnzyzLegal AI search provides direct insight into relevant parties, individuals, scope of dispute, and has the ability to search efficiently in vast amounts of files in a case. 

This helps lawyers find relevant evidence, more accurately, more quickly, and to a greater extent than would be the case without the use of AI.

AnzyzLegal reads all languages and helps lawyers and partners efficiently find the information they are looking for.


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