Anzyz featured in NRK News (in Norwegian)

Creates machines that can read and understand. (NRK 28.10.2016)

A researcher at the University of Agder has developed a system that can revolutionize the way we process and analyze a lot of information. Researcher Ole-Christoffer Granmo has developed a system based on artificial intelligence. This system can sort and analyze large amounts of information in different languages ​​in a short time. – The machine can read text and understand the meaning of it much faster than a human being, he says.

– Can revolutionize information processing
Artificial intelligence can be the solution when the human brain falls short. Granmo believes this system can revolutionize the way it works today in terms of processing and analyzing a lot of information. He will show how it works and start typing on the laptop he has in front of him. After a few keystrokes, he states that presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are about the same in terms of negative publicity on Twitter. Donald Trump has, according to him, received the most positive mention. That information comes in different languages ​​should not be an obstacle. According to Granmo, the system can learn language and jargon on its own, and then be able to interpret it. – Today, the system can understand and analyze text on, for example, Chinese, he says.

Tested out
The invention is now being tested in hospitals, in the security industry and in several large companies, including food chains. For example, food chains can use the system to sort customer feedback. – It can be used, among other things, to find out how many people have complained about rotten fruit and which stores have the biggest and least problem with this, says system developer in Anzyz Thecnologies, Håkon Langnes.

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For NRK: Kari Løberg Skår Journalist, Hilde Skarvøy Gjestland Journalist, Håkon Eliassen Photographer.

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