Anzyz invited to Microsoft headquarters in Redmond

Anzyz was invited as one of only 10 companies from Europe and the middle east to present our technology in Microsoft´s headquarter in Redmond, Seattle. Our CEO, Svein Olaf Olsen went to present our technology and discuss further partnership between Anzyz and Microsoft. Anzyz AI can already be found in Microsoft´s product catalog!

Asked how the event went, Svein Olaf answered that it was beyond his expectations. “I learnt a lot, got to network a lot and present our technology! It was very exciting to be present for the other presentations as well!” He further explained that this is a big breakthrough for Anzyz AI because Microsoft has a huge sales force around the world and being a partner with them will give us the opportunity to offer customers our technology in different countries. Our technology can be used as a solution alone, but can also be implemented in other software solutions and with Microsoft’s wide breadth, this can give us unique opportunities.

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