Schjødt signs frame agreement with Anzyz Technologies

“We are thrilled to see  Advokatfirmaet Schjødt take advantage of our self-learning AI solution in their day-to-day operations” – says Ole-Johan Meyer Melin, responsible for the Legal vertical in Anzyz Technologies.

With AnzyzLegal, Schjødt will be able to quickly discover key information in massive amounts of unstructured and structured data such as emails, pdfs, and word documents.

The AnzyzLegal product can handle any language without manual tagging of data.

“Now that we have passed this significant stamp of approval on the AnzyzLegal product, we are ready to take this further into the market. We have already had several customer meetings and there is clear interest from other leading law firms” – says Kristian Hernes, CEO of Anzyz Technologies.

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