Article about Anzyz in Dagens Næringsliv!

Professor Ole-Christoffer Granmo (43) has developed a computer program that will be able to read and interpret text in all languages. Now the entrepreneurial company is working to gain access to Facebook. (05.18.2018)

Artificial Intelligence startups are ready for the challenge; from making Finns healthier to unlocking the Finnish language.

13 teams have been selected for the chance to work with Elisa on creating new AI products and services and win 50,000 euros at Slush 2018. The selected teams come from eight different countries all over the globe. The stage of those teams is also diverse, with one team of students boasting many hackathon wins, up against a startup valued 1 billion US dollars.

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‍Text: Harald Berglihn.

Photo: Sondre Transeth.

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