LEGAL by Anzyz

Only three months into the new job as Anzyz Technologies‘ CEO, Kristian Hernes has signed a frame agreement with one of Norway’s largest law firms.
          “A milestone for Anzyz”, says Hernes in a brief comment.
 “The product has been developed by lawyers for lawyers”, Hernes continues, giving credit to a couple of lawyers in the law firm without dropping names. A joint customer statement will be made public shortly with more details around the agreement and use case.
As part of the product development,  signed up with senior lawyer Steinar Nyrud, putting more than 6 years of hands-on e-discovery experience on the table. Among other positions, Steinar has been the Managing Director of Nordisk Defence Club (Nordisk Skibsrederforening).
Several Norwegian and international law firms are currently evaluating the extraordinary AnzyzLegal product. –”Benchmarks have been done with other #legaltech applications. Norwegian law firms are users of these competing technologies. We’ve received some fantastic feedback on our self-learning solution, it doesn’t require any manual tagging of data, it’s language-neutral, and at the same time the user experience is very good, it’s quick with very high accuracy, it’s basically a brilliant product”, says Hernes.
As per today, the global legal tech market is estimated at 17.3 billion USD. The forecast is a global turnover of 25.1 billion USD by year 2025­.
 -“We will go for a bite of that cake, or rather a chunk of the cake”, Hernes finishes the talk and gets a head nod from the Chief Commercial Officer responsible for Anzyz’ Legal vertical, Ole-Johan Meyer Melin who’s been the driver behind the development and leading the execution of the go-to-market strategy.

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